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Why Do Tiles Matter for Interior Design?

Tiles & Interior Design

Tiles help bring to life the design and atmosphere that homeowners envision. It is a finishing material of choice for many because they come in a wide variety of colours, textures, styles, materials, and yes – even shapes! Aside from this versatility, tiles are also easy to clean, repair and maintain.

But choosing a tile color and style are not the be-all and end-all of a process. There is so much more that matter in tile selection than just the aesthetic.

It’s also important to know the many uses of tiles home since it will help you find the perfect tile that you will need. Let’s explore the different aspects of tiles.

a couple choosing tiles for house’s interior

That Perfect Touch

It is undeniable that the initial appeal of tiles is the wide array of colors and textures available. Careful choice of tile design and style can help brighten and enlarge a room in your home.

They create balance for that overall ambience that you want to be achieved. Styles range from white tiles that can serve as the canvass of a room’s interior design to more elaborate and decorative options like mosaics that make bold statements about style.

Tile size can affect the perception of space in a room – larger tiles can make a smaller area look bigger and smaller tiles can draw the tile to places of interest in your home.

Tiles are not only used indoors. They are also a great option for outdoor extensions of your home like an outdoor kitchen and of course, the pool.

More Than Meets the Eye

Tiles primarily serve as a protective surface in your home. They are evaluated for function and durability. Floor tiles are made to withstand high pressure. Foot traffic is taken into consideration in choosing the type of tiles to be used when doing flooring. For the bathroom floor, ceramic floor tiles that are non-porous and slip-proof are the best choice.

Wall tiles usually sport a hardened glazed that can often come out glossy and are more embellished with inlays and design. They are also water-resistant and not prone to staining, making tiles a perfect finish for bathroom walls. You can make your bathroom look bigger by carefully choosing tile colour and size. Decorative tiles can even be used to frame your mirrors.

An advantage that tile has over other forms of finishing is that they are not prone to stain and are harder to damage than wood or carpet, nor are they prone to warping like vinyl plank flooring. Stain resistance is also a plus factor for wall tiles since they are often used as backsplashes in the kitchen. Tile can withstand heavy kitchen use and aren’t prone to chip and crack like marble and granite.

Best Choices for Best Uses of Tiles

To get the maximum benefit that tiles can give your home, hiring a professional tire installer to work with your interior designer is a must. These home professionals will help you make smart and beautiful choices for your home.

They will take into consideration your family’s needs, the terrain, other structural aspects in your home that will affect installation, and even the weather in your locality – especially if you plan to install tiles outside the home. This will save you the time and effort that goes into a botched DIY project.

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