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Looking for tile maintenance and repair in Calgary? Don’t waste your time looking anymore – you have found the perfect place.

We know how important it is to have tiles that look neat, organized, and without a single crack or chip. Whether you want them for your backsplash kitchen or shower or tiling your business, doing proper tile maintenance can take more effort and time than you expect. So you’ll have to do it with the help of experts.
We are those experts you need. With our expertise in tile repair and maintenance in Calgary, we can get even the most damaged and poorly maintained tiles to look fantastic again.
Want to know how we can do that? Then head down!

Tile Repair Contractor

Tiles can be extremely fragile. Mostly ceramic, porcelain, and glass – they can break or crack with ease. A simple bump can be enough to break a tile in half.

On top of that, they may warp or corrode over time. In some cases, they develop mold or just start to loosen up from walls or floors until they get off completely.

In any of those situations, you can always use the help of professionals to fix them. You won’t have to get rid of the tiles – just let us know your problem, and we’ll fix it for you.
Here are some of the most common issues with tiles we can help You with:

  • Broken tile repair.
  • Cracked tile repair.
  • Chipped tile repair.
  • Loosened tiles repair.
  • Ceramic tile repair.
  • Bathroom tile repair.
  • Grout repair and re-grout.
  • Shower grout repairs.
  • Swimming pool tile related repairs.
  • And more…

After we’ve fixed the problem with your tiles, we’ll teach the best practices, so you can prevent it from happening again. You’ll be thrilled with the results and with our advice.

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Our Tiling Company is Commited to:

Integrity 100%
Innovation 100%
Complete on time 100%
Continuous Improvement 100%
Quality 100%

Tile Maintenance Services

We can repair your tiles when necessary. But you don’t have to wait for anything to happen to call us. Instead, you can prevent any small issue from escalating by calling us for consistent maintenance.

Tiles tend to be fragile. They can wear off over time and get dirty quickly. If you don’t take care of them, they can loosen up, break, or simply grow all kinds of corrosive elements. To prevent all that, you can always do some maintenance.

But doing maintenance takes time and effort. Also, it takes expertise and skills to do right. That’s why you may need to hire an expert – and there’s no one better for tile maintenance in Calgary than us.

No matter the type of tile care you’re looking for – we can do it for you. Next, you’ll learn about the advantages of working with us.

We can help you in a wide array of tile care activities like:

Grout Repairs

  • Grout installation
  • Grout care
  • Grout clean up
  • Grout color restoration

Sealing Repairs

  • Wax and sealer application
  • Wax and sealer removal
  • Stain & mildew clean up

Protection & Maintenance

  • Special tile protection
  • Environmental tile protection
  • Routine tile maintenance
  • And more…

Why Choose Us for Your Tile Maintenance and Repair Needs

We work with the sole purpose of providing quality results. We only care about meeting your demands in both repairs and maintenance.

Apart from that, we offer a few extra benefits that you won’t find anywhere else:

Professional Contractors

Our tile contractors work with the utmost professionalism you can expect. They’ve worked with tiles for years, so they know exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it is repairing tile issues or doing routine maintenance, you’ll receive quality results with their help. Not everyone works with all kinds of tiles, so it can be hard if you want to repair or maintain a specific type. Luckily for you, we work with almost all of them.​

Best Tile Care Costs in Calgary

We know maintenance and repairs can be expensive. Some contractors can go up to the thousands and beyond with their prices.With us, you won’t have to worry. We charge a fair cost for every one of our services no matter what you’re looking for exactly. And we get the job done fast and effectively on top of that.If you want professional-level tile repair or maintenance without spending more than necessary, then we are your best bet.

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What Our Clients Say

We've worked with Morina Brothers Inc. for a while now. Their tile setting process involves attention to detail, perfect alignment, resulting in a elegant and alluring finish. Highly recommended for every tile of installation.
Diamant H.
After me and my husband finally picked our lovely home in Calgary, we entrusted Morina Brothers Inc. with the tile installation for our bathrooms and kitchen. They did a fabulous job at competitive rates! Would hire them again.
Selena G.

Our Tiling Company is Commited to:

Integrity 100%
Innovation 100%
Complete on time 100%
Continuous Improvement 100%
Quality 100%

Our Projects

Just a glimpse of our finished tile projects in Calgary, AB.

female holding repaired tile in her hands
Master cuts the tile using an angle grinder with special diamond disc.
Professional builder smears cement glue on the ceramic tile with a trowel
repairing tiles on a balcony
repairing tiled floor of a bathroom
professional tiler repairing tiles

Hire Expert Tile Maintenance and Repair in Calgary Now!

You won’t find other services as effective and quality-oriented as our tiling company in YYC. When it comes to tile repair in Calgary, we are the only ones who can get the job done professionally without emptying your bank account.

So, do you need any type of tile care in your home or business? Then don’t hesitate and hire us.

You won’t regret leaving your repair and maintenance of tiles in the hands of professionals. The results will surpass your expectations.

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