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Commercial Tile Solutions in Calgary

Whatever type of commercial tile installation Calgary you want, we will get the job done as no one else can.

Why Us?

A commercial tile installation well done can improve the looks and durability of any area. If you’re looking for commercial tile contractors in Calgary to get your commercial tile installation done well – then we are your best option.

Whether you’re a restaurateur, a club manager, a real estate renter, or a store owner – you’ll receive exceptional tile installation quality that lasts for long, looks terrific, and sets your business on another level.

Here, we are going to explain why it is so essential to hire expert commercial installation services, which services we offer, and why we are your best bet.

Expert Commercial Tile Floor Installation

Among the many surfaces that stand out in businesses and commercial buildings, few offer the smoothness, beauty, and durability that commercial tile does.

But to enjoy all of the tile’s benefits, it is critical to install them properly. Otherwise, many problems may arise that will make your business and property look less than enticing.

Choosing Us for Your Commercial Tile Install in Calgary

Now that you’re aware of the different commercial tile installation services we offer, let’s take a look at why you need to hire us over everyone else:

We are Always with You

We know how important it is to have clear and trustful communication. So we focus on always listening to your needs and demands, giving you advice and recommendations, and trying to follow every single one of your requirements to the letter. We won’t stop talking to you, and we’ll keep it personal but respectful. As we focus on providing maximum professionalism, you can expect no less than a fantastic personalized service while working with us.

We Work with a Certified Staff

Every single one of our commercial tile contractors has been doing this kind of job for years. They take the job seriously and focus on delivering the highest quality possible.On top of that, they are all certified and trained to follow a set of rules and quality standards. You’ll receive impeccable results thanks to the work of professional and dedicated tile installers in Calgary.​

Only Quality

When you hire low-quality commercial tile installers, You'll encounter the most common problems you’ll experience. With us, however, you don’t get any of that. We always make sure you get the utmost quality, no matter the scope or type of the job. And we’ll always take it with the utmost professionalism – anything we break, we fix.

Importance of Experience in Commercial Tile Projects

Hiring professional tile contractors for Calgary allows the tile to last longer, to prevent chipping and cracking, and to stay attached to the floor or surface for decades.
With the proper installation, every tile can last a lifetime. With the wrong one, all kinds of problems may arise.
Here are some of the things that professional tile contractors can avoid:

  • Gaps between tiles
  • Cracks from rough use
  • Chips on the edges & angles
  • Water damage from wrong handling
  • Scratches and dirty surfaces by lack of care
  • Mold & mildew beneath tiles from poor installation
  • See our full restoration and repairing tile related services here.

Types of Tile Services For Businesses

We will install a wide array of tiles in a wide variety of scenarios. Here are some of the projects we can help you with:

Note: Check our Bathroom & Kitchen tiling services.

We Follow the Latest Practices

Our entire team follows quality procedures to deliver the result you want in less time than you expect while keeping the quality at its max. And it all comes from a set of practices (always changing) that help to get the job done as no other service can.
Here’s how our process goes:

  • Initial talk with the client.
  • Visit the site for layout & planning.
  • Selection of trim and tile with the client.
  • Start of the job by removing the old flooring (if required).
  • Installation of new tiles.
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and sealing as necessary.

All of this takes 1 week for a small job or up to 4 weeks for the largest ones. We can always adjust to your needs as required.

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Our Services
tiles installed at hotel
Tiles installed for "Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel" on a contract for "Flesher Marble & Tile"
15 "Circle K" stores are tiled by our company in British Columbia.

Our Tiling Company is Commited to:

Integrity 100%
Innovation 100%
Complete on time 100%
Continuous Improvement 100%
Quality 100%

Our Projects

Just a glimpse of our finished tile projects in Calgary, AB.

tile removal and install in office
tiled installed in a restaurant
mosaic tiled floor
tiled pool with white tiles and black stripes
Men Installing Ceramic Floor
placing tile with safety on construction site

We Help You Save Money

Saving money with industrial tiling services is not easy. Luckily for you, we can meet even the highest of quality standards without emptying your bank account.

We will help you achieve the best results you can think of for a modest sum. And we’ll also ensure that no material or effort ever goes to waste.

Hire Expert Commercial Tile Installation in Calgary Now!

As you can see, hiring to the task commercial tile installation services in Calgary is super important for Your business. And when you do it with us, you get unbeatable results in almost every way.

So, what are you waiting for? Our commercial tile contractors are waiting for your call. You won’t regret hiring us!

Client Words

We've worked with Morina Brothers Inc. for a while now. Their tile setting process involves attention to detail, perfect alignment, resulting in a elegant and alluring finish. Highly recommended for every tile of installation.
Diamant H.
After me and my husband finally picked our lovely home in Calgary, we entrusted Morina Brothers Inc. with the tile installation for our bathrooms and kitchen. They did a fabulous job at competitive rates! Would hire them again.
Selena G.

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